Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Week 3 - Unit 1 completion

We are almost to the end of Unit 1 and Assignment 1 is busy being completed (I hope?!) while I freeze to death in Edmonton ... someone remind me again why I came to this country of snow, dark & cold?? :-)

So far only 2 students have posted their assignments, but there has been an amazing amount of activity on the forums - & so far very thoughtful and well-considered. Obviously people have been thinking a lot in their own lives and work about issues such as connectivity, connectivism, constructivism, and what tools we can use for what purposes. It's been good to see how much people have been responding to each others' thoughts and ideas and starting to form relationships and making connections with each other outside of class - i.e. using other tools such as Skype etc. It's also good to see how much people are finding in common with each other even across discipline boundaries.

Shortly the harder work of Assignment 2 will commence when we will see how many people signal their desire to work collaboratively and how many prefer to work alone. I think this decision will reflect both their level of personal and time organization & how busy they are in their personal lives, as well as their individual learning preferences and personalities. Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debra

It's freezing in Canada. However, it's hot and raining in Brisbane, this summer isn't very hot, actually, quite comfortable. This Thursday (7/2) is the Chinese New Year. Next Chinese New Year I'll be in HK. Say Goodbye to Brisbane soon! So I'm plannning to visit to the China town and take some photos. Keep in contact!

All the very best in the Year of the Rat!


dlh_downunder said...

Thanks for the news Maggie!
Have a great New Year - it'll be great to be back in Hong Kong, I'm sure. You stay in contact too, ok?!