Friday, January 4, 2008

Teaching will be starting soon & still so much to do & prepare?! I've seen my list of students' names now & I'm looking forward to getting to know them. I'm trying to think of ways to make the course more interactive and to help students & me to feel more a part of a group or class or community, while still allowing us all space to maintain our privacy. The balance between sharing and working independently is the dilemma ... ??

So I've posted links here to my Facebook space in the hope that my students will also do the same - those who want to share as part of a community, at least :-)


Rene Dings said...

Welcome back Debra. I guess you're having too good a time. Me too. It's 29C and humid today, lots of storms along with good rain. Off for a swim. Keep warm :)

dlh_downunder said...
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dlh_downunder said...

Thx 4 the messages Owen - we had a 15cm dump of snow here overnight, so this morning I had my very first experience of shovelling snow?! My neighbour came out - well actually she was doing the same thing - & took a photo of me?! She thought it was hilarious (& didn't initially think I was serious!)that I was asking for tips on how to do it! It's certainly good exercise! When she sends me the photo, I'll post it here for the amusement of all :-)