Friday, May 23, 2008

Now what made me think ...?

... that I would have any more time after CNIE to post some more. As Stephen Downes says, you have to make time ... regularly ... hmm
So I've spent the last 2 weeks writing 2 papers, monitoring my teaching website, preparing another couple presentations, working on a new course proposal, turning Twitter back on & the last 2 weeks participating in the SCoPE online conference trying to formulate a Pan-Canadian research agenda for e-Learning ... which has been fascinating :-) but very time-consuming :-(
So I've been thinking a lot more about e-Learning vs Distance learning, the differences in kinds of learners, the spaces & places & best practice. But now I have to get back to writing my last paper ... & I can't even get outside to take a walk & clear my head cos it's been raining now for 3 days ... grrr ...


just_susan said...

Good to see you are still globe trotting Deborah... or should I say globe teaching? I confess that I am not really cybertrotting at the moment as I am using my 5 year old laptop here in Jeju, albeit the hard drive is only half that age. I was going to get a new u-beaut LG500 but the horrendous cost of a round trip home in July has put that purchase on hold for another couple of months. However, my passion for distance education via the web has not waned. I feel it's definitely the way we need to go especially for ESL/EFL teaching.
Good to hear from you.

Susan Hey

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